To The Love of My Life.

This is a letter to you. All the words I want to say in one place. In just 12 days we stand in front of each other, hand in hand, eyes locked to each other’s and saying we will love and support each other. We do this in front of the family and friends who support us. When I had first met you I never thought our lives would be intertwined in this way. I thought there is no way this smart, funny, handsome guy could ever have feelings for me. Boy was I wrong.

I remember the first time you came into the chat room and got on camera. My breath hitched in my throat and I was instantly intrigued by your smile. I don’t remember exactly what I said but I do remember two words. “Hello, handsome.” Your face turned the best shade of red and you smiled from ear to ear while shaking your head. I don’t make it a habit to call people I don’t know Handsome. It just kind of came out. That first glance into that square on the screen and I knew we would be friends. Our friendship turned into 13 hours of constant texts, 6 hour skype calls, daydreaming of when we would talk next, and every thought in my mind was you.

We would talk about your brothers and how much you love them. We talked about your childhood and I learned things about each of your siblings that made me love them, even before I ever spoke to them. The first time I spoke to any of your siblings I knew we would get along. It’s not often you find people you can just talk to about anything and everything and then you meet their family and instantly feel like you found your place. We talked about our values and family goals someday and they were almost exact. Sometimes we would be thinking the exact same thing and say it out loud at the exact same time. It always left both of us shocked how much we had in common.

All of these things are reasons I knew that we would be together. We would become something magical that most people never get. Love. Partnership. Family. I can honestly say that you are my family. You are my partner through everything and our partnership is held together with every choice we make as a couple. I can’t wait to make memories with you. I can’t wait to stand there with your hand in mine and say I do. I can’t wait to have our family that we dream of every day. I can’t wait to go on spontaneous adventures with you. I can’t wait to officially be the Pesetsky-Kidwell’s. I am excited to share the names that mean so much to each of us.

To my soon-to-be husband, Michael Pesetsky, I promise to love you through the good and the bad, to go on adventures with you (even if that means going to wal-mart because we are bored), to take care of you, to be your lighthouse when you need a safe place, to love our family, to read bedtime stories to our kids while we sit on the couch all snuggled together, to grow with you, and to never let you go. I give my heart, my trust, my love, and my promises to you.

I love you, Noodle.

Love your Soon-to-be Husband,

Blake Atticus Rhys Pesetsky-Kidwell.

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