What We have Began to Build.

Throughout my entire life I have always been told that my life is what I make of it, so choose wisely. I was always so curious if the people who gave this advise took it from someone else when they were my age. It wasn’t until my mid twenties that I finally understand that it has such a deeper meaning.

You get to write your own story from near beginning to end. “Who will I be when I grow up?” A question almost everyone asks themselves at a young age. I remember telling myself that I would grow up to be a Homicide Detective, married, with children. I would live in a home that was happy and have the people who I grew up loving by my side. One of my biggest goal was to have a big family, no matter how the family was built.

That is something that has never changed. Within the past few years I have met the love of my life, started a family, gotten married, and most recently bought our very first home as a family. It’s crazy that these are the things you think of when you are little but never really see them playing out in the future. Like I remember wanting things as a child, but not realizing that someday it would be real.

We have began to build something beautiful. My husband Michael and I now have dreams together. Instead of making these decisions myself, I have the best person to be my partner and build a life with. It’s surreal getting to raise kids and build our dreams together. Although our relationship started with our family already started together we have made a strong foundation to grow on.

Things that we would have shared with the people we once looked up to are now shared with each other. We look to each other for support and encouragement. Although we miss some of the people of our past who should have been there to support us, we are content in what we have. We are happy to have each other and the kids. I could never imagined having this much love for such a small group of humans.

We recently went into a major life milestone buy purchasing a fixer upper. We love it. We all made the decision together that this was the best starter home for us. We get to make it our own, starting from scratch like we always thought we would. We have began to build our happy, gently, loving, HOME and we can’t wait to share this journey with you all as we continue to build up our small family and beautiful home.


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